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Cool, Nice level of polish. Wish it had a real ending

I was getting into the lore and the story up until the moment when I had to laugh as I started floating in the air. I would expect the legs to extend to the ground and the machine would just walk over stuff.
So there are three different heights, but It looks like the middle height is useless because you get hit by everything. And the third height of obstacles isn't even reachable. I feel like you were supposed to be able to go in between these three heights of the building instead of ducking, floating, and standing in between floor 1, 1.5, and 2.
In addition, the obstacles are so big and get so close together that it makes it feel very cluttered, and too difficult to even try.
The aesthetic feel is very well done and I think it came across exactly as intended (except for the whole floating stance thing).
Also if you didn't make the songs it'd be nice if it was credited somewhere.

The graphics and the sounds are very nice, and the gameplay is pretty straightforward.
Some of the controls are a little unintuitive. The drag to movement feels a little weird. I would prefer if clicking would cause movement (since clicking by itself doesnt do anything anyways) and dragging would scroll the map. Maybe this works better for mobile, but on desktop it seems weird that he won't start moving until I finish a path, and sometimes my aim wouldn't be the best and he would run into the walls.
Also I was surprised that item pick ups were caused by mousing over and not player interaction.
The biggest problem though, is that after buying a loot crate from the instructions paper, the game softlocked as I was unable to do anything after the paper turned into a slot machine sprite and lights dimmed. I'm asuming that this was supposed to trigger some sort of random loot visualization, but nothing is happening and I am unable to interact with anything.
Shows a lot of promise so far. It could turn in to something really cool if you continue to work on it.

GuyUngerNL responds:

Yes I agree, I inteded for it to have controls where you click a character and click which tasks he'd have to do, but I haven't really impolemented pathfinding before, and since it was a jam I didn't want to risk spending too much time on that which would make it have even less content.
I'm haven't seen the bug you mentioned before but I'd have to look into it.

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